Short Stories from Awesome Writers!


Baines Middle School

Nolan B. Nolen, the King
Symone C. Hitler’s Assistant
Valeria C. Swept under the sand
Lilianne D. Love Through The Heart
Claire G. Balloon Boy
Elijah G. The Cave of Wonders
Ellaine K. Where did Everest go?
Kylie K. Goodbye Dear Old Friend
Kaylee M. The Secrets of the Galaxy
Grace R. Poppy the Lost Kitten
Olivia R. Scouts Journey
Isabella T. The River That Gave and The Girl That Took
Lincoln T. Fighting for my Life
Sofia T. Somehow, Somewhere, Someday
Mia W. Little Luna’s Adventure

Sullivan Elementary School

Tanvi B. The Mystery Man…
Chinaza C. The Dramatic Story
Sloka C. Midnight Zone
Anshu D. When a Violinist Does Tennis!
Anushka K. The Adventures of Susan Tailsnap
Jahnavi K. Sorceress of Celestia
Mugdha K. Reach for the Stars
Lisabell I. Proud Witch
Isabella L. The Escape for Destiny
Mina L. Spirit Warrior
Devon M. Kamal Pissasu (Ghost)
Joshua M. Legend of the Angel Island
Likitha P. WomenWarriors: Catori (A brave spirit)
Sophia S The Legacy
Riya V. Alexa’s Big Day
Malcolm W. Marcus
Aubrey Z. Silence

Rosa Parks Elementary School

Amira A. The New School
Jasmine A. The Button
Bibley B. The Beast’s Children
Alenna C. A Mermaid’s Dream
David L.T, III. Camp Night Wing
Gracelyn M. The Daisy Sneeze
Naod M. The Pun Problem
Shane R. The Nightmare
Moise & Ceniyah The Big Dream

First Colony Middle School

Gracie A. Estella’s Future: Watermelon
Hridya A. & Somke E. THE WORLD WAR
Lauren L. Revenge
Petra L. Wings
Julia M. Faded
Hannah P. & Mahika S. The Girl in the Mirror
Aiden R. Unspoken Issues
Tisya V. The Deathly Harp

Settler’s Way Elementary School

Aiden K. & Zachary P. The Swiss Escape
Hannah K. Boys vs Girls
Olivia K. & Sophia K. The Secret Haunted Art Room
Aila C. & Dhev S. Gnome to Die
Raima C. & Jenny G. The Mystery of Everfrost
Harper H. Emily’s Shadow
Rayaan H. & Naeto O. Saving the Planet
Joy I. The House of The Dread
Karis L. Free Rose
Landon L. Defeated Dimension
Mason L. & Kai Ren T. Pokémon Mysteries
Melissa O. Alan
Akhila S. The New Home
Daksh S. Revolt of the Trees
Edward T. & Ilan V. Revenge of Jim Sorrow

Jessup Elementary School

Abel Astral Banana
Angelique I Know There’s Someone Out There
Bella Genesis’ First Sleepover
Cain The Endless Halls
Camila Layla’s Life
Cesar Tim’s Double Trouble
Cesar A Random Story Of Super-Timmy
Damian Capybara Madness
Javier The End Is Near
Jordan Baller
Kaily The (Unofficial) Story of Michael Jackson
Kaylee A Girl Named Daisy
Leandro How Mr. Bob Dinosaur and His Family Died
Lenny Jacob the Superstar
Marcus The Happening
Mizchel Gale’s Story

Fort Settlement Middle School

Aditya A. The Warrior Hidden Behind the Snow
Jacob D. Crimson
Elizabeth F. Birds With Wings Fly, and Those Without Fall
Dhrithi K. Without a Trace
Anya P. Stranded
Eshal P. Blast Off
Aiza R. Lost in Space
Eashan S. Mission Perilous
Elina S. Found Again
Michael S. A Patriot’s Duty
Monish S. Biowarfare
Neal S. The Everlasting Wish
Rahul S. Adrift
Pranav T. A Dream
Zoe W. Be A Lady

Oyster Creek Elementary School

Brandon A. Galactic Defender
Lillian A. Gabriella’s Gown
Sarah A. The Locked Games
Zia C. Spider-Man at the Carnival
Casiphia D. & Shalom D. The Club That Changed Charles
Olivia E. Stella the Wizard
Talon H. Elliot Strikes Luck
Elijah L. The Girl
Gisela M. Sadie the Cook
Jodin M. The Mansion
Katlyn S. & Haniya G. Differences in the Same Situation
Khue T. Friends!
Laiba W. The Phone Challenge
Leona W. Mia and the and Talent Show

McMeans Junior High School

Danna A. Dreamer’s Theater
Sofia A. Reading Competition Story
Rheagan B. Leo
Sinclair D. Across the Clock
Alexander E. All In War
Aden F. Child Of The Brave
Carolyn F. El Caro Rojo
Joyce K. Shaking City
Michelle K. Untitled
Nikhil K. Untitled
Saniyya K. Silna Kobieta (Strong Woman)
Noah L. Employment in the D.L.F.
Novia L. 1945
Piper M. The Red Door
Dilara S. Stutter


Jessup Elementary School

Bryan A. The Detective
Elvis A. John Becomes a Rockstar
Arianna C. Fell to Earth
Noe C. Road to the Championship
Zariah C. Rich Family
Leonardo E. The Cursed Island
Lily E. The Lady Who Drowned Her Children
Jimena I. The Grasshopper and the Mean Boy
Jolene J. The Haunted House
Diana L. The Big Dream
Mia M. Cinderella Twist
Lilyana P. Bella The Ghost
Joel R. & Andres Q. The Creepy Doll
Dakery T. Ben the Superhero Saves the Day

Thomas J. Rusk Elementary School

Kayden B. Kayden’s Story
Sadie F. An Adventure to Find Lily and Joe’s Parents
Joseph G. Joseph’s Story
Melissa G. The Case of the Missing Necklace
Ahniya P. Ahniya’s Story
Brandon R. The Invasion
Michelle R. Michelle’s Story
Nere V. Nere’s Story

Raguet Elementary School

Amelia B. Harper Helps
Bayleigh D. Mia Finds a Home
Leah D. My Brothers: Autism Life!
Finley G. The END Galaxy
Alexa P. Free
Brooklyn S. The Star
Will S. Tammy and the Ancient Ring

Nettie Marshall Elementary School

Kristy C. Kristy’s Story
Rebeca M.Traveling Back in Time
Lucia S. The Great Artist
Evelin R. A Dog World

Mike Moses Middle School

Owen A. A Headmaster Tale
Joel D. The Last Kids on Earth
Vivian L. The 28th Day
Audrey M. They Call Me
Grace M. Forced to Lie
Sophia M. Dovely
Sophie M. Wolf with the Lion
Camryn S. One Step Forward and Three Steps Back
Erick S. Sold

McMichael Middle School

Malachi A. Outbreak
Aaron B. Marooned
Eliza B. Horror
Ajira J. Ajira’s Story
Angel R. The Dark Deception
Jazmine R. Jazmine’s Story
Isabelle T. The Vixen’s Paw
Justin T. Away

Fredonia Elementary School

Aubrey F. The Night Before Cat-mas
Angel G. The Dragon Bite
David M. David’s Story
Jazmin R. Jazmin’s Story
Kennedi S. A Christmas Nightmare
Azalia V. The Life of Time

Carpenter Elementary School

Achyri B. The Story of Khaleia Christine Jones
La’Detra M. How I Found Love
Zy’Braylin P. The M Squad
Shamiece R. Jake’s Mom Confuse
Sofia T. Swish Swosh!
Zuri W. Twins Part 1

Brooks Quinn Jones Elementary School

Addie C. Boxer Dogs
Addisyn F. Cat Story
Randy M. Shy Guy The End
Emily P. Love Story
Joselyn R. Our Trip to Italy
Jordan W. The Lost Children

Rosa Parks Elementary

Brandon A. Josh Gets Bullied
Jasmine A. The Birthday Surprise
Bibley B. Cities of Magic
K’Li B. Dark Shadow
Makayla B. & Precious U. The First Kiss!
Nora K. Chloe
Ngozi M. The New Girl
Nneoma M. All About Nneoma
Rachael O. Back in Time
John P. Halloween Night
Santiago P. The Challenge
Tyron S. Ocean Adventure
Piper W. Rose and Besties
Kaydence W. How to Care for Your Horse

McMeans Junior High School

Ali A. & Rawa A. Cold Bars of Love
Tamara B. Untitled
Ethan D. Marzipan
Kaylee H. & Grace Q. The Year of 1945
April J. Peanut The Great
Josie J. Taking a Stand
Yeseo J. Whenever you are ready
Jaiden K. Change
Charlotte M. The Nightcoming
Julian N. My Dog
Luna N. Miracle, Miracle
Raghav R. The Wars of Camden
Diksha R. The Show Jumping Competition
Callie S. 11 Lives
Ashley S. The Emerald Flower


Hamilton Southeastern Intermediate Junior High

Layla B. Crystal Tears and Murky Water
Maddie B.: A Light in the Rubble
Shelby B.: The Elementalists
Emily C. & Savannah K.: The Betrayal
Violet L.: The Elevator
Miles M.: The Adventures of Greg The Blue Jay
Erika N.: Serendipity?
Audrey O.: Leap of Faith
Dash P.: Candy Land
Olivia P.: Catherine, the Cat Speaker
Renata R.: The Clashing of Swords
Christian T.: The Move
Meera V.: The Girl Who Believed She Couldn’t Write A Story
Vihaan V.: The Time for Winners
Wesley Z.: The Adventures of the Flame

McMeans Junior High School

Rayam A.: A Whole New Life
Chloe C. & Milah J.: Justice in NYC
MaKenzie F.: My Home!
Katya G.: Spaghetti
Chloe L.: 80 Years
Jessica L.: Lucky Bracelet
Vivian L.: Freedom to the Moon
Chilok M.: You Think You Can’t
Akhil N. & Kenneth H.: Older
Reem N.: The Stars Don’t Lie
Anthony S.: Lost
Olivia S.: Sapphire Eyes
Fenu T.: One Step Two Steps
Taylor T.: What It Reflects
Ethan W.: The Paperboy

First Colony Middle School

Chidalu E.: When Can We See The Stars Together Again?
Jonathan E. & Johan L.: Lucky
Elijah H.: Dishes
Sam H.: Victim of the Cure
Irene J.: Those Blue Eyes
Nihal K. & Noah T.: Evan in The Mirror
Aidan L.: The Dungeon
Anuva M. & Andrea S.: The Night Sky
Farhanah M.: The Curse
Arsh N.: It’s A Miracle
Joy P.: The Blue Handprint
Emma T.: Catharsis
Malia W.: Wolf Girl
Phoebe W.: Endless Meadow
Kevin Y.: Chasing the Moon


McKamy Middle School

Lucas A.: Aether, Book 1: The World of Aether
Aidan B.: Untitled
Anya B.: My Sweet William
Rylie C.: Drug addict…
Astrid H.: Olivia Thomas
Leilani H.: Untitled
Whitney H.: Untitled
Karunyah N.: How I Proved Myself to Play Baseball
Francesca R.: Violets life
Aarna S.: The Disappearance of the Love of his Life
Anushka S.: The Crash
Laney W. & Mia K.: There’s Not A Star In Heaven That We Can’t Reach

Fort Settlement Middle School

Pooja B.: Astounding Synchronicity
Tici C.: Fallin’ For Ya
Sidra D.: Untitled
Sophia H.: The Piano Girl
Zacharia H.: Return
Iman I.: The Story Of You
Zahra K.: Our Oak Tree
Isabelle L.: Nightmare
Michelle L.: Crown
Sarah L.: Doctor Irony
Shagnika P.: Staying Strong
Paloma P.: The Unseen Visitor
Christina W.: The Truth and the Clock Tower
Emma W.: If Only
Anh V.: Flee

International Leadership of Texas, Katy

Heaven A. & Alley H.: The Time I Went Back in Time
Isra A. & Sophie A.: The Dark Angel
Layla B.: The Little Cat Who Brought Mice
Isabelle C.: The Soldier of Kindness
Mia C.: Lily’s Life!
Grayce D.: Twilight Moon
Zoe E.: Nora and the “Perfect Date”
Ally G.: Untitled
Lauryn H. & Randy S.: The Last Day
Abigail L.: Into the Woods at Night
Andres L.: The Life of a Dog
Emily M. & Nick R.: Millie’s Murder Friends
Gamaliel M.: Freddy’s Friend
Diego R.: The Keys
Eleane R.: Little Clumsy Incredible Pig Who Saved People with a Bad Report!!!
Omari R.: The Basketball Bully
David S.: WaterBoy To Starter Boy
Evelio S. & Royce R. : Lil Moco the Lonely Boy
Kirsten S.: Angela’s Christmas Wish
Utibeabasi U.: The Fattie Football Player

Oyster Creek Elementary School

Adyn A.: Katie & Joe
Miriam A. & Danayvien M.: The Lonely Girl
Syed A. : The Story of a Kid
Ebba D.: Survivor
Haniya J.: When Hopper Learned the Value of Time
Katara L.: The Prophecy
Haylee M.: Skyler Garcia’s Big… Dreams!
Aliyyah N.: The Secret Spy Society
Eric N.: Spook York Adventures
Maya R.: The Disappearing Island
Blakely S.: A Wife for King George
Hamza S.: The Titans
Eshal U.: The Boy Who Never Gave Up

Hubenak Elementary School

Jeremie A.: The Blood Moon
Nanadwoa B.: The Kinda Happy Story
Sadie B.: Risby and the War
Kobi E.: Are We Really Friends?
Maria G. The Emperor!
Grayson K. : The Midnight Ring
Tami K.: Creep Skull
Olivia N.: The Day Frost Got Friends
Valour O.: If You Can Dream It You Can Sing It
Karlson P.: Life of a Zombie
Keeley R.: Elizabeth The Dangerous
Samantha R.: Warrior
Jazaria R.: For Life is True
Ashlynn T.: The BTS Dream
Brooklyn W.: Camaiah

McNeil Elementary School

Linah A.: Untitled
Emilia F.: Crystal, The New Dragon
Alisha G.: Reflection
Seyla G.: Untitled
Sabil H.: The Treeless Road
Katelyn L.: Sarah’s Horse
Addison M.: Untitled
Ariella M.: Friendship Happens
Bella M.: The Confused Young Girl
Mina O.: The Secret of the Rainbow Gem

Jessup Elementary School

Abraham: Zombies and the Dogs from Hades
Alexa & Alisson : The Lost Dog
Aliscia: Irene
Giselle & Julissa: The Ghost Next Door
Irvin: Making a Friend
Jackelyn: The Problem
Jadyen: The Crazy Electronics
Johana: Another World
Jonathan: How World War 3 Began…
Manuel: The Lost Dog that Never Returned Home
Paige: Four mermaids
Sebastian: Five Nights at Freddy’s the story
Victor: The adventures of the Stickmen
William: Dogs from the Future
Yurem: The Haunted Library

Mueller Elementary School

Yaretzi D.: Lucy’s Notebook
Tatianna C.: The Class Project
Sigaliya C.: Best Friend’s Adventure
Sankrith S.: A Big Adventure for a Tiny Ant
Samuel W.: The Apocalypse
Paityn S.: Evie and the First Daughter Adventures
Nazaria P.: Second Place Fighter
Khang T.: The Adventures of Germ-Man: Upcoming War
Kelly H.: Sarah
Kaden J.: Sam’s Football Season
Jedidah B.: My Trip to the Cruise
James G.: Lost in New York City
Delight F.: The Ant Trouble
Caleb G.: The Comeback
Anh T.: Monsters

Garcia Middle School

Oludara A.: Operation Destroy the Report Cards
Justin C.: The Famous Wizard
Kaylee D. & Mia F.: Ms. Nitro
Jaleaha G.: I Travel for You
Mehakdeep M.: The Adventure!
Kajun P.: The Amazing Jasmine
Mannatdeep P.: Exceptence of Survival
Saige S.: My Story
Zaid Y.: The Escape in the Sands
Naba & Masahal: Sophia and the Enchanted Book

Northampton Elementary School

Nadia A. & Ammie W.: Untitled
Oziel A.: The Secret World
Mariana C.: Layered Metal
Asher G.: Back in Time to 2011
Esteban G.: Giant Wolf
Gavin H.: The Truth
Miabella M.: Marshmellow’s Story
Esteban R.: At the Farm
Alvaro S. & Omar R.: The Haunted Hospital
Matthew S.: The Girl who got Lost in the Woods
Everett T. & Nathan C.: Detective Duck
Juliana T.: Unexpected Surprise?
Olivia T.: The Wild Trip
Gabrielle W.: Lost Boy
Jason W. & Eli C.: Two Good Soccer Players — Goal #1

Dabbs Elementary School

Abigail A.: The Girl Who Loved to FLY!
Jasmine A.: Ash the Lost Girl
Saydi A. & Kaelony G.R.: The Princess Knight
Camilla C.: Miled the Cat and Super Cherry!
Gabriella C.: Friend
Carina D.: Untitled
Luis D.: The Light
Leniyah H.: Unknown
Viviana H. & Kayla R.: Parker’s Big Journey
Ava J. & Adison T.: The Lost Girl Who Finds a Unicorn
Olivia O.: Oh Blue…
Jillian P. and Airianna G.: My Dear Friend
Arwen R.: Criminal Case
Dominic R. & Tristin B.: The Legend of the Thing
John S. and Kaleb M.: The Wrong Apartment
Faith W.: She Put a Spell on Me

Cora Thomas Elementary School

Chidera A.: The Adventure
Jayden B.: The One Trip to Paris, France
Jorel B.: Ready, Set, Run!
Ashley C.: Superhero Kids: Trapped in a Video Game
Ummul F. & Ava F.: Best Friends
Kade G.: Pecan Tree: Rob Pinto “AKA” Mr. Power
Jocelyn H.: The Black Bag
Alexis J.: The Secret Admirer
Abigail M.: A Lost Girl
Kenzi M.: My Life vs Her Life
Beatrice O.: The Biggest Revenge Prank Ever!
Mofie O.: Art Girl
Kaden P.: Bonding, Bullying, Basketball
Zion S.: The Princess and the Dragon

Thornton Middle School

Busayo A.: Rush
Lisbon A.: That Voice Of Yours
Kylie B.: The Unicorn
Skylar B.: Untitled
Chima C.: The Life of a Star!
Chika I.: The Thanksgiving Share
Noelle M.: Go Blue! Go Dophlins! The Mystrious Injury
Sarah M.: No Hand To Hold
Kenolisa O.: Turbo
Reagan R.: Elementals
Daniel S.: The Moment Tragedy Took
Whitaker S.: Will West
Ann Mary T.: Goodbye Misery—A Knotted Tale
Maddie W.: Bob’s Bird
Morgan W.: Untitled

Sugar Land Middle School

Jude A.: Untitled
Ava C.: Untitled
Christina D.: Journey of The Lost Legends: The Giant
Elizabeth D.: The Lost Necklace
Gazal E.: October
Brandie G.: The Lullaby
Daniel G.: Fear
Alex L.: The Prophecy of Jack
Liam L.: Time to Play?
Samuel M.: BOLT the Hero of Darkness
Isabella P.: Alone on Halloween
Elizabeth Q.: The Sacred Necklace
Aansar S.: Untitled
Annaliese T.: Birding Center & Alligator Sanctuary
Isabella T.: Cece the Cat—Framed

Rolling Meadows Elementary School

Arianna B.: The Haunted House
Ashlyn B.: Sky and the Forest of Forever Living
Elayna C.: Unfair-y-tale
Elizabeth C.: Untitled
Fiona F.: Tiger’s Love
Jasmine G.: The Kid that Got Bullied
Jacob K.: Jake the Adventurer
Thomas L.: How a Bullies Friend Became Mine
Janean M.: Rosealex’s Hard Work
Katherynne M.: The Doll
Logan M.: Lost Dog
Paige M.: War Took My Dad
Josiah P.: Untitled
Haley R.: How the Ladybug Got Its Spots
Lillian R.: The Special Girl
Vivian R.: The Invasion

McMeans Junior High

Kiss C.: Time
Michelle C. & Karla M.: Mika’s Great Adventure
Artyom G.: The Attic Door
Lily G.: At The End of the World
Missy H. & Alanna R.: Untitled
Charlotte K.: What Lies Behind Door 1303
Sofia L. & Amelie M.: Alternate Reality
Dylan M.: When the Sides Meet
Emily M.: Untitled
Evelyn M. & Carolina D.: When Night Falls
Rayden M. & Nicolas L.: Sinking of The RMS
Derek P.: Robo-lution
Zhafira P. : Never Far From Home
Anika R.: Wishing Star
Parker V. & Jasper H.: Untitled


Thornton Middle School

Jake A.: The Day The Zombies Roamed The Earth
Aurora C.: Outside The Box
Claire E.: Untitled
Vincent G. and Jonathan BC: Untitled
Lauren H.: The Last One
Emma L.: Discovering Me
Kimorah L.: Drool Face!
Paloma L. & Maddie P.: Untitled
Cassandra M. & McKinley S.: A Sister Who was Never Truly Gone
Kya M.: This is What I Love
Keren O.: Untitled
Madeleine S.: When it all Changed
Alyssa H.: Imaginary is not so Imaginary
Madie S.: Untitled

Sartartia Middle School

Suhanai B.: Untitled
Emily C. & Taylor N.: The Runaway
Aysenu G: Under The Blossom Tree
Ella K.: Stella, Bella, and Ella
Zoë L.: Stand Up
Christopher M.: Josh’s Depression
Quinn M.: Jacen or Nole
Elena N.: What We Put Behind Us
Meredith R.: The Unworthy Ones
Soha S.: Good Deeds Are A Shining Light
Abhiram T.: Wade Watson in… !!!The Mystery of the Diamond Necklace!!!
Isabella T.: Runaway
Andrew W.: Unique

First Colony Middle School

Antonia D. & Venus K.: Eighth Grade
Alivia-Rae G.: Kidnapped by Love
Emilia G.: Forget It
Ben J.: Missing in the Mountains
Hailey S.: Luna’s Moon
Sanjana V.: The Birthday Wish

Lantern Lane Elementary School

Addyson P.: Julia the Crazy Girl in a Crazy World
Luis E.: The Adventures of a Boy!
Sokari E. & Adrian M.: Eleven O’clock
Kenneth F., Jayden R. & Talon D.: Superhero Friends
Morgan J.: The Amazing Ms. Anna
Nasarani K.: Zombie Attack
Louisela L.: Different
Addyson P.: Julia the Crazy Girl in a Crazy World
Kassia P. Ice Skating Horse
Aleah R. & Olivia T.: The Lost Boy
Citlali R. & Brittany U.: The Antique

Fort Settlement Middle School

Aylar A.: Thief
Mehreen A.: “No, Nicole, I already told you I won’t lead the army!”
Pratyusha C. & Heera S.: The Secret
Sarah C.: The Throne of Angels
Shay D.: Life, Death, and Football
Emilio F.: Destiny
Gabby H.: The Unforgettable Post-It Note
Emily Marie J.: Ashes Before Colors
Tyler J.: Agent 327: Mission Log #18
Ashley K.: All The Puzzle Pieces
Manha M.: The Last Conspiracist
Somya M.: Untitled
Carissa N.: Untitled
Diego R.: Pockets
Charlize W.: TWISTER
Julia Y.: A Long Way From Heaven

Bowie Middle School

Kayden A.: The Love Run
Omotola A.: How my Dream won Me a One-Way Trip to Detention
Ashley B.: Won’t Give Up
Sophia B.: Just A Poison
Caitlyn F. & Molly M.: The Love You Hate
Erika I.: I Just Wanna Be Cool
Olivia I.: The Day Hitler Stole my Soul
Sarah J.: Untitled
Haedyn K.: Growing Selfless
Alisa M.: Near the Woods of Wickery Lane
Sulwan M.: The Artist
Leyla R.: My Life As An Orphan
Jayden T. & Jase S.: How Billy-Bob, Jr. Got Himself an Accidental Trip to the Moon

Baines Middle School

Amber A.: Carla’s Big Shot
Hannah A.: My Wonderful Dream Made my Reality A Disaster
Sadie B.: Inception
Zoey B.: Untitled
Megan D.: Ariel’s Discovery
Emma F.: Alice’s Voice
Ava M.: Decisions
Cyrus M.: First Day of School
Liliana M.: The Girl of the Swamp
Trinity M.: As Time Goes On
Genevieve R.: Melanie’s Story
Milenna R.: Keep Your Dreams
Anthony S. & Adrian S.: The Great Escape
Arianna S.: Untitled

Missouri City Middle School

Chase B.: The Last Buzzer
Pooja B.: My Deadly Love
Gisella G.: My Jealous Self
Yurias G.: Love, Hate, Restart
Dedrick M.: Coincidence Or Not

North Andrew R-6

Ashlyn A. & Kyra L.: The Helping Hands
Megann S.: Summer Money
Jase W. & Jackson R.: The Mock-Ness-Monster
Joey W. & Squire B.: The Secret of the Dragon
Tyson W. & Corben H.: The First War

Voy Spears, Jr. Elementary School

Addison B.: Lonely
Hannah B.: Science Fair
Karen B.: A Journey Home
Lexi E.: Never Forget
Brielle G.: Why Me?
Ellie H.: Her Top
Grace L.: The Wish
Jacquelynn L.: Ice
Tracy L.: Just Once
Aubrey P.: The Secret of the Blue Journal
Eden S.: Summoned
Ellie S.: The Golden Flower
Kena S.: Wanted
Kylie T.: Change
Addison V.: Felicity’s Journey

Spring Creek Intermediate School

Addison P.: The New Girl
Callie E.: Getting A Violin
Chloe T.: Andy the Gorilla with Bowls Full of Fruit Salad
Connor B. and Tripp C.: Forest Curses
Connor S. and Mia L.: Skylar and the Country Miracle
Elyssa N.: The Well in the Basement
Gabriella C.: Candyland Wonderland
Kya A.: My Life is a Story
Madison W.: No Title
Sawa M.: The Dr. Meow Meow Series: Perfect Explaining
Shrihan G.: The Legend of Elidia
Sunny S.: The Sacrifice
Taylor B.: The Football Girl
Wesley R.: Adam’s Big Race

Oakwood Intermediate School

Carlos B.: Literally Lost in Space
Jonathan B.: The Lost Journey
Lili B.: Triplets
Kate B.: Perfect I Thought
Callie C.: The Swan Lake Tragedy
Nic C.: The Doorway to Disney
Olivia C.: World Renewed
Abdullah E.: Furbeas Dream!
Daniela H.: Phone Heads
Jana H.: Soccer
Lana H.: Finding the Confrees
Aliza J. and Samuel L.: Different
Aston R.: Dinner is Served at Camp Eagle
Daniel S.: Zubons
Kate W.: Chase Your Dreams Soon Enough You’ll Catch Them

College Hills Elementary

Trevor B.: The Alien Catcher
Casey D.: The Football Team
Hallie D.: One Creative Mind
Tyler F.: Backed Up
Jeriyan M. and Jason P.: The New Heroes in Town
William M.: Hard Work
Emilio Q. and Jaxon B.: The Haunted House
Yesenia R.: The Bully
Brooklyn S.: Clara Saleristo’s Writing Contest
Christian S.: The Love Heroes
Derek S.: The Hungry Man
Liza S.: The Battle of Sea, Land and Fire
Rowen S.: The World

Pebble Creek Elementary

Ashlyn A. and Ashley M.: Puppycorn Reading Trouble
Kayla B. and Kendell M.: The Stolen Gem
Ava C.: Unnamed
Travis C.: Dinosaur Land
Justin G: Stuck in Tunnels
Jane H. and Lainey H.: The Election
Kathryn H.: The Color Green
Hudson J.: The Factory Book 1
Jolene J.: Haylie and the Unicorn
Cade K.: No Mission Impossible
Chloe N. and Evelyn S.: The Future Lady President
Quinn M.: The Queen

Sean O. and Dalton F.: John and the Coaster
Annabel R. and Reed S.: The Nightmare
Elizabeth S.: The Contest

Greens Prairie Elementary

Brynli P.: The B-Ball Club
John B.: A Knight’s Wonderful Tale
Alyssa G. and Peyton L.: Alyssa’s Big Moment!
Sully G. and Charli S.: The Mirror
Charlotte H.: Who’s My Secret Admirer?
Abby J.: When the Whole World is Against You
Aubrey J. and Harper S.: Jennifer in the Championship
Keith K.: The Richest Super Heroes – Cheeto & Skyblast
Caylee M.: The Story of Coco
Bailey N.: The Diary of Blaire Wilson
London Q. and Emaline U.: Theodore’s Journey
Katelin R.: Detective Luna and the Temple of Astronomia
Taylor R.: Extraordinary
Adelyn S.: Unnamed
Claire S. and Rylee A.: Secrets
Walker S.: Wizards and Wands

South Knoll Elementary

Bailey K.: The Famous Girl
Monet B.: The Golden Cow
Anna C.: Mirage
Asia E.: The Legend of the Multiplying Cake
Sofia H.: My Dog Rice
Gentry G. A Day on the Football Field
Kaylyn M.: Lilly
Kaelyn N.: The Faded Sky
Samantha Q.: The Doll Mystery
Abigail S.: Bella
Ninjee T.: Best Friends Forever
Darriona W.: Birthday Wishes
Mina W.: Bee Attack
Elina Z.: The Sleepover Mystery
Jack Z.: Aviators

Pecan Trail Intermediate School

Jenavi B.: Shooting for the Stars
Courtney G.: Addie’s Dream Come True
Kaylee G.: HOPE
Alysen H.: Faith
Luke H.: The Dragon Slayer
Emily J.: Sit, Stay, Love
Ariel L.: The Monkey Pirate
Ja’Dence L.: The Jungle Queen vs. The Mean Old Grumpy Tiger
Henry N.: Finding Freedom: The Journey from Vietnam to America! (True Story)
Amy P.: Lost
Ariadni P.: A Good-Hearted Shark
Rhett R.: Unnamed
Lexi T.: Dream Boy
Georgia W.: Careless
Lincoln W.: Succeed
Shaenyn Y.: The Trip to Israel

Southwood Valley Elementary

Audrey B. and Ruby W.: The Adventures of the Time Twins
Elizabeth B.: Mystery of the Clock
Jeremiah B.: My New School
Bre’Asia C., Ava S. and Diana A.: Candy Crush
Isaac D.: Hoop Dreamer
Drew F.: Piper in Candy Land
Chloe J.: Stacy and her Dogs
Erin P. and Edie S.: Country in the City
Lesly S. and Yaretzi A.: Allen the Fantastic Gymnast (English)
Lesly S. and Yaretzi A.: Allen la fantastica gymnasia (Spanish)
Declan T.: The Girl Who Loved to Write
Cameron W.: Be a Buddy Not A Bully

Oyster Creek Elementary School

Aarav G.: Dreams Do Come True
Ayisha H.: The Shadow
Andrea M.: Coincidence?
Hania M. and Avanthika R.: Silverstone
Kenji N.: Horror Doll of Lulia’s
Alona S.: Amelia’s Sun and Moon
Abigail T.: My Life As: A Superhero
Sophie V.: Louis Louis: A Rapunzel Story
Naomi Y.: Super Megan

Rock Prairie Elementary

Noor A.: The Way
Taylor A.: The Magic Glue
Bella B. and Sienna B.: The Forest of Enchantment
Katie C.: My Unicorn Named Lucky
Sam C.: The Adventure of the Scary Roller Coaster
Tessa D.: Katie and the Special Attic
Alina E.: A Little Snail’s New Home
Eastan F.: The Ruby
Brayden G.: Henry’s Way Home
Maggie H.: The Dare
Antonio O.: Jordan’s Way Out
Ally P.: The Dragon’s Heart
Polly P.: Mysterious Composers
Sofia S.: The Secret Door
Irvin W.: Annoying Ducks!
Faiaz Z.: Pompeii, A.D. 79

Forest Ridge Elementary

Kamryn B.: Mcenna and Danny
Grace C.: This is a real story
Kacy C.: The Ancient Jewel
Bella F.: Around the World
Micah F.: Louie the Duck
Charlotte G.: The Heart of a Gymnast
Claire H.: Daddy Daughter Dance
Corynn H.: The Christmas Challenge
Chloe K. and Campbell O.: Home Again
Bailey M.: The Best Valentine’s Day Ever
Richard P.: The Story of Sithale
Juliannie R.: My Vacation in Puerto Rico
Noah S.: The Music Monster
Emily W.: Dog Gone, Dogs Here
Logan W.: Big Wars

Cypress Grove Intermediate School

Swarali A.: The Triangle Master’s Life
Dylan B.: A Lost Home
Emiley B. & Alyssa S.: The Night Twins
Yaneth D.: Kidnapped
Paige E.: The Worst Cruise Ever
Shirin G.: Facing You
Ellie H.: The Not-So-Classy Curtsy
Ryan H.: Airdrop
Kordelia K.: Secret Admirers
Ben M. and Will F.: The Frieden Scar
Kaylee M.: The Winter Cabin
Elijah M.: Elias’s Prize Board
Alyssa S.: Adventure Through Time
Annie S.: Letters to Grandma

Creek View Elementary

Emma C.: A New Life
Leo C.: How to Kill a Griefer
Hailee F.: Still Fun
Ryleigh H.: Birthday Surprise
Issaac K.: Good Game, Leo
Marlie K.: First Serve
Jeremy J.: Eggs and Pancakes and More Store
Kennedy J.: The Valentine’s Day Mystery
Delilah L.: Bombs
Darren M.: Leo the Fly’s Last Landing
James P.: Black Spider
Kamryn S.: Moving Never Again
Dominick T.: Apocalypse
Jensen Y.: The Ice Skating Accident
Molly W.: The Battle Scar

McKamy Middle School

Brendan A.: The Fog
Caroline B.: Soccer Season
Katie B.: Unnamed
Anishka D.: See You in the Next Dimension
Ashlynn D.: The girl, the begger, the abandoned
Maanas G.: The Wendigo at Kodai
Evelyn K.: Ageist
Skylar K.: Liv’s Journey
Elizabeth M.: Labels
Mason M.: Player 1
Carter R.: The Pirate Attack
Aditi S.: Untouched
Campbell S.: Flip Turn
Caitlyn S.: My Secret: The Short Diary of Rosabella Smith
Tayla S.: Unnamed
Saundi V.: Sunglasses

McNeill Elementary School

A. Ajayi: Cabin Hood to Freedom
Lola A. and Eniola A.: Halloween Horrors
Anjyie B. and Jaylean O.: Christmas Camila Carol and Claus
Isabel C.: The Champs
Gabe G.: Dream Come True
Tessa G.: In Love with the Alpha
Jace H.: Believe in Yourself
Julia O.: The Mystery of the Black Foal
Eva P.: The Spontaneous Surprise
Jasmin P. and Vyann L.: The Glorious Sunset
Ezana T.: The Christmas Miracle

Cora Thomas Elementary School

Camila: Cancer Fighter
Chetachi: Sport Family
Chigorizim: Smith: The European Code Messenger
Crysta and Samantha: The Cabin
Ethan: Flying Mike
Evelyn: Friendship of Nicole and 4th grade
Javier: The Potato Mission
Jordyn: The Dance
Livny: Gymnastics
Nickolis: A Dark Part
Ryan and Ilm: Franky and Her Freaky Next Door Neighbor
Sarah: A Story about a Kidnapping Trail
Shayann: My Best Trip Ever
Zephania: The Great Big City

Oak Hills Terrace Elementary School

Madison A.: The Fall
Maggie A.: IAN
Victor B.: Super Dood
Daniela D.: The Dog
Milla F.: Korea Dreams
LyndaEva G.: Best Friends Forever
Madison G.: Sarah Meets a Dragon
Roberta G.: THE SPECIAL DAY!!!
Isis H.: My Fatal Family Upgrade
Joseph J.: The fortnite horror story
Alexia L.: Best Friends
Joaquin M.: Alone
Benjamin P.: The Magic Apple
Tara S.: It Hurt! It Hurt!
Nikolas V.: My Dad

St. Vincent De Paul Catholic School

Roman A.: The Secret of the Cave
Blythe B.: The Forgotten Confession
Henry B.: WHO DUNNIT? The write up of a kid detective
Penelope C.: Carie and the Magic Book
Rachel C. and Reagan D.: The Thanksgiving Proposal
Sophia D.: How Can I Connect You?
Bobby F.: “My Life Turned Upside Down and Back Again”
Paulina F.: Project Rica
Whitney G.: Warm Spring Day
Marianna J.: Dear Diary
PJ M.: The Deer Incident
Rocco M.: 1 in a Infinity
Julia P.: Hope
Audrey S.: Addie the Perfect Student
Domenica S.: Hope
Katie V.: Bird in a Cage
Riley V.: Love and Hate
Sophia W.: The Road Trip
Greyson Y.: A Boy Named Cole

South Shaver Elementary School

Joaquin A.: The Monster Apocalypse
Osmar A.: The Vortex
Leonardo E.: The Basketball Switch
Fatima D.: My Story of my Dream
Claudia G.: The Wolf and the Owl
Josue G.: Bullied for a Week
Maliyah H.: Rebecca Is Moving Schools and Makes a New Friend
Alondra J.: Damien’s Story
Ashley M.: The Art Work
Juan M.: I Can Do This
Marylet P.: The Day I Almost Died
Osman P.: Transylvania’s Werewolf and Vampire.
Josiah R.: Changing Batteries
Briseida S.: My Trip to SeaWorld
Yuliana S.: A Girl’s Wish Came True

Epps Island Elementary School

Amy: Lost Without Hope
Angel: The Kid that has a Problem
Cesar: The Long Trip to Mexico
Cory: Finding Mom
Josue: Island of Nowhere
Kaiden: Atomic Disaster
Kimberly: Favorite Holiday
Lorenzo: Always Try and Try Again
Marc: Football Dream
Natalie: Favorite Holiday
Neslie: The Abandoned Toys-R-Us
Nicole: Favorite Holiday
Paula: My Travels from Guatemala
Serenity: STAAR Test Day
Thu: Ash’s Trouble Playing Soccer

Sugar Land Middle School

Iyanu A.: April Springs
Shira B.: Untitled
Laiba E.: Trapped
Katelyn H.: I Don’t Want to Eat Anymore…
Himahasini J.: Changing for the Better!
Sanjit K.: Leading Life
Ajay P.: A Knights Tale
Mishal S.: The Forbidden Friendship
Kini U.: Naula’s Secret Mission
Maci W.: Austin

Highlands Elementary

Anushikha B.: Lily Learns Soccer
Mia C.: Alissa’s Dream
Justin F.: The Adventure of Justin Boy
Colby K. and Eric Y.: Chained
Ritesh K: Loss for Less
Saniya M.: The Boy Who Lied
Daneel N.: My Zipline Adventure in Mexico
Aiden P. and Lucky E.: The Greatest Game of Baseball Ever Played
David R.: The Determined Boy
Zayaan R.: A Horror Dream
Leon V.: Soccer Wonders
Emme W.: There Once Was a Girl…
Sophie Y.: The Case of the Runaway Cookies
Selina Z.: Abusive Mother
Makenzie and Ansharah: Sounds in the Forest
Tommy and John: The Adventures of Mr. Penguin
Allen S.: The Torment
Noah M.: Visions are Fatal
Rashad W.: The Legendary Life of Heroes
Collin T.: Free At Last

McMeans Jr. High School

Yasmine B.: Girls Just Want To Have—
Faryn C.: The Invaders
Maria Paula C.: The Dream of Juliana
Emma E.: Ten Days, No Time
Annie H.: The Wolf Who Couldn’t Howl
Emilia I.: Hope
Sakina I.: My Summer Adventure
Natalia J.: The Gift That Harvey Gave Me
EJ K.: Competition Writing
Jimena K.: Storm
Minjoon K.: Overcome
Damian M.: Haunted House
Joey M.: Thia

Juan Seguin Elementary School

Adrienne A.: The Spooky House
Cheyanne B.: The Mystery Note
Arianna C.: A Friend Will Be There
Erica E.: Into the Cosmos
Kennedy K.: Ralph and the Bully
Mackenzie K.: Lucky Lottery
Deborah O.: Best Day of My Life
Yukie O.: The Broken Victory
Leyna P.: I Can See Your Future
Sarahi P.: The Greatest Gift
William R.: The Kid with Imagination
Hameedah S.: The Enchanted Forest
Aleena S.: Troublesome Days
Noah: Noah’s in the Bermuda Triangle
Temi, Joseph R., and Garret: Wake Up


Aue Elementary School

Emily B.: The Singing Secret
Liza B.: A Bond Between Brother & Sister
Norah B.: Sam
Sloan C.: School Spirits
Kareem D.: The Legend
Jaden F.: Halloween Adventure
Breanna H.: Jack in the Box
Alayna L.: Magical Mind
Daniel L.: The Beginner’s Guide to Escape Pie
Alli P.: Grandpa’s Ranch
Avery P.: Wild Dreams
Hope P.: Candy Land
Madison R.: Diamond & Crystal’s Great Adventure
Brooke S.: The One-Eyed Demon
Cassidy V.: Sarah’s Stone

Baines Middle School

Avery E. & Miranda S.: Forever Silence
Brionna G.: The Diamond
Cheyenne H.: Lila
Ameerah J.: Dark Dreams
Claudia L.: What It Feels Like to Live
Lara L.: Untitled
Caiden N.: The Adventures of Stevan
Everest N.: The Next Door Neighbor
Lindy N.: Neverending
Brina P. & Aimee Y.: Foxbeast
Kaitlyn P.: Guardian Angels
Ayo S.: Untitled
Eli S.: Family Torn Apart
Hannah T.: Broken Pieces
Grace W.: Dreams

Bauerschlag Elementary School

Elizabeth A.: The Correct Path
Brooke C.: Pixie the Unicorn
Anna H.: Unknown Girls
Abigail J.: Fluffy and Martha
Addison M.: I Thought I Loved You Story
Aidan M.: The Best I Could Do
Diya M.: Danny the Detective Dog
Emilie P.: Vyvian Goes Missing
Irelynn S.: Willy’s Love for Robots
Jacob S.: The Quest of the Salem Witch Trials
Bethany T.: The Half-Witch Revenge
Luke T.: Joe’s Trap
Nicholas V.: A Lion’s Journey
Hazel W.: The Magical Pup
Jaid W.: Fred’s Friends

Blattman Elementary School

Finn A.: Bradley’s Pet Shot
Hena A.: Mother
Zoe A.: My Mom Has a Secret
Ashely B.: Reach for the Moon and Even if You Fall, You’ll Land Among the Stars
Mya B.: Jar of Eyes
Chiaryn C.: Crime in Sunnyvale
Liesel C.: Kyle and the Screaming Jet
Lilly D.: The First Tooth
Nathan G.: The Haunted House on Mapul Street
Ella M.: Don’t Go to the Pool After Dark
Isabella P.: A Sticky Situation
Cole R.: Untitled
Melva S.: Unknown Video
Lauren T.: Welcome to My Life
Avery W.: Ollie the Ostrich
Taylor W.: The Runaway Kids

Bowie Elementary School

Savanna E.: Untitled
Colton H.: The Lost Boy
Jesenia M.: A Gender Reveal
Laura N.: My Future
Bryan O.: Climbing Trees
Eric P.: Alexander
Mallory P.: A Good Friend in a River
Alexa R.: The Haunted Doll
Jaime R.: Superman
Jesus R.: The Storm
Luis S.: The Ninja
Reggie S.: Reggie’s Family
Nathan T.: Taco Man
Juan V.: Goalllll!!!
Bailee W.: Untitled

Brauchle Elementary School

John: Heaven Is Love
Savannah: Worst Time
Sonny: Dogola
Liela B.: Empress of the Night
Evan F.: How Kevin Made the Team
Samantha F.: Alina’s Story
Leilani G.: Untitled
Mykol H.: Crazy Man of the Loose
Austin J.: Untitled
Danika P.: The Attack of the Giant Flies
Valerie S.: Keep Dreaming
Lili T.: Never Run Away from Your Mummy

Braun Station Elementary School

Grace B.: The Orange and Green Eyed Cat
Abbigail C.: Catacorn
Joel C.: The Paranormal Alien Killer Clown
Ben H.: The Apartment on Floor 13
Leyla L.: To Be Crowned
Warren L.: The Space Warrior
Lauren M.: The Turkey Catastrophe
Isabella R. & Ally C.: Find a Way Home
Lydia S.: Untitled
Remi Jo S.: The Princess
Riley Ann S.: What Is Behind the Wallpaper?
Samantha S.: The Legend of the Haunted Cabin

C.D Fulkes Middle School

Issac A.: Untitled
Karen A.: Like a Dandelion
Evelyn C.: Who Am I
Lillian E.: Happy?
Cameron G.: Jango
Senna G.: Wings of Adventure
Victoria L.: Dear Ducky
Brandi M.: Untitled
Katelyn M.: Untitled
Eisla P.: Me and You
Kate P.: Autumn
Willow S.: Wreck
Brendan V.: Untitled
Ashely W.: The Disappearance of Charlotte Ross
MJ W.: Gone

Canyon Vista Middle School

Samiya A.: Rainy Day
Alexa B.: Untitled
Brandee B.: Reborn
Anshika D.: Sahil
Ruby G.: Green Bird
Shreya G.: Untitled
Zamanethzie G.: Untitled
Nujhat J.: Dolls
Elyse M.: Untitled
Claire P.: Charlie Sommers
Jack R.: Not sure of the title…
Jeremy S.: Boredom
Kayla T.: The Day Emily Blew Up Acting Talent!
Nathan W.: W.O.N.
Kevin Y.: Escape to Freedom
Blake Z.: Tuba Trouble

Carnahan Elementary School

Anonymous: NYC Adventure
Miral: The Tough Life
Boshra A.: Unexpected Surprise
Belinda C.: The New Girls at School
Eli C.: Art Class
Alivia D.: The Story of Cat
Ahmad D.: Volleyball
Taryn D.: Mutley and Anne
Jacob G.: John and the Creepy Night
Afraaz K.: The Big Day
Addyson M.: Daniel’s Story
Jocelyn M.: Fuzzy Spider
MyaLynn M.: The City Helps
Sophia R. & Aniyah T.: Gordon’s Story
Saffa Z.: Mina

Cedar Valley Middle School

Pratiksha S.: Passage to the Realm of Imagination
Jessica L.: Alone and Forgotten yet Found and Remembered
Larsen B.: The Softball Dream
Luis C.: The Artist
Maddie C.: It’s All in the Eyes
Hiya D.: The Secret of Ruin
Neeharika D.: Creative Writing
Aleena K.: Untitled
Marissa M.: Save Me From What I Want
Miranda N.: Dogs
Antonia S.: Big Hot Mess
Zaila S.: Doctor of Humanity
Joy T.: Shaking the Ground
Alex W.: Error

Cora Thomas Elementary School

Chigozirim: Abigale: An African Girl
Ryleigh: Alyn’s Big Adventure
Uchena: Ali’s Mother
John C.: The Lego Story
Sofia E.: Inseparable Sisters
Alexa G.: The Baseball Boy
Kymi J.: Animals Stick Together
Edwin L.: The Reindeer Who Saved Christmas
Suhani P.: Charllitte’s Letter
Christine R.: Adventures of the Courageous
Rachel R.: Chad, the Disabled Kid
Kylie S.: OceanStar
Anthony T.: Baloo’s Blues
Cholgan T.: The Football Story
Camila V.: Double Trouble

Deerpark Middle School

Lennox A. & Logan S.: Bunker 39
Olive B.: Things That We Can’t Save
Aliceona H.: A Cup of Coffee
Mia H.: At Peace
Emma J.: The Lost Sister
Poornima K.: Dreaming the Eternity
Polina L.: The Orbit MIVI
Aliza M.: The Day I Almost Ended It All
Iliyana R.: No Fear in Love

Ed Cody Elementary School

Kalia A & Zariah M.: Swim or Die
Adalynn B.: The Forever and Ever Boat Trip
Darien B.: The Indoor Kart Race of Death
Kaylee B.: My First Day of Kindergarten
Gabriella C.: The Princess in Training
Joycelyn C.: A Boy
Julia D. & Felicity D.: The Haunted House
Isabella G.: A Prince Tale
Bailey H.: Claire Wants to Join a Cheerleading Game
Emerie I.: Wendy and Ivy
Gabby J.: New Girls
Victoria L.: My Mother Wanted a Girl
Patience M.: Sulk Yesterday, Hope Today, Love Tomorrow
Charisma N.: Defeated
Charlene S.: Richard and His Dog Henry
Miranda V.: The Best of Friends

Elrod Elementary School

Westin: Jack and the Missing Jewelry
Noelia G.: The Monster Under My Bed
Ruby G.: Josh’s Shark Encounter
Aaron M.: Mystery Maine
Aidan O.: Nick the Cop!
Dayla Rae P.: The Writing Princess
Serina R.: Dream Girl
Arrian S.: The Boy Who Was Born on the Moon
Elise S.: A Place Called Home
Lianely V.: The Girl with the Unicorn

Fisher Elementary School

Zander A.: Jack Piercer
Renata C.: Running
Yulce D.: A Cursed Pair of Earrings
Lucia F.: Left Behind
Chloe G.: Little Angel
Gabriela G.: Laura’s Move to Texas
Amelie H.: Stay Strong!
Jasmine H.: Hayden’s Life Story
Liana J.: Black Horse’s Story
Daniella M.: The Big Test
Josiah M.: The Judge of Laws
Aaralynn R.: One Room
Alexa R.: Athletic Joe
Idaly R.: Untitled
Olivia R.: The Books
Evelyn S.: The Wondering Little Princess
Danyka U.: The Girl Next Door

French Elementary School

Sanvi : Mike in War
Clare C.: Forever and Always
Danna D.: Teina and Blue
Brianna G.: Ellie’s Car Adventure
Makayla H.: Tryout Trouble
Matthew H.: They Should Be Free
Kenrik K.: Basketball Tutor
Emerson M.: Lost Friend
Finn M.: Minnesota Vikings
Andre N.: Dongonmaster
Callie O.: The Basement
Grace S.: Magical Joureny
Natalia S.: Sophie and Her Missing Military Dad
Michael T.: A Summer Camp of Horrors
Nylah V.: The Great Convention

Gilmore Elementary School

Brianna C.: Tune in to Your Past
Emilia C.: Picture Catastrophe
Julia C.: Blake and a Beauty Pageant
Olivia J.: Untitled
Lance K.: The Icy Fall
Adly M.: 3 Wishes
Torin M.: The Darkest Night
Theo P.: Phil’s Journey
Hannah R. & Madyn W.: The True Story of How the Grinch Stole/Didn’t Steal Christmas!
Evelyn S.: Jet
Porter S.: The Last of Me
Jillian T.: A Christmas Wish Come True—Kind of
Tracey V.: The Lost Boy
Christian W.: An Alien Encounter
Kate W.: Sketched

Glenoaks Elementary School

Anonymous: Last Kids on Earth
Samantha: The Peanut Butter Thief
Madelynn C. & Amor B.: How Emma Became a Singer
Charlie D.: The Nightmare Whisperer
Tanila D.: Selena’s Story
Muhammad F.: The Curse of the Jack O’Lantern
Jasmine G.: Legend of the Halloween Spirit
Kyara G.: The Twister
Victoria G.: The Boy
Yasmine I.: My Worst Nightmare
Jordyn J.: The Stalker
Leah J.: Last Christmas Night
Zyrianna L.: Mac’s Fear
Aja P.: Justin’s Story
Isabella S.: The Witch

Glen York Elementary

Gavin B.: Untitled
Leila B.: Katie’s Wonderland
Tanisha B.: The Bloody Dream
Chidera C.: Alien Life on Earth
Nathan C.: Untitled
David E.: The Magic Box
Alyson H.: Portal Escape!
Faith J.: An Unknown Ability
Isabelle N.: Starting Pointe
Laura P.: Enter Twilight
Aliza R.: The Great Pirate Mischief
Valeria R.: My Trip to Mexico
Rachel Anna S.: The Dog’s Wishing Star
Alex V.: The Magnificent Stories of Alex
Lauren W.: The Old Haunted House

Glover Elementary School

Chidinma A.: The Mean Teacher
Joanna B.: The Worst to Best School Year
Dailyn B.: My Family
Laila C.: My Dream
Jayla H.: Emily Is in Love
Mikaylia M.: Chens Adventure
Tasia M.: Untitled
Michael O.: Armor and Brave Knight
JeDyn P.: The Worst First Day
Rylee P.: Confidence
Abigail R.: Violet the Vampire
DaTrell S.: The Creepy Hotel
Trinity S.: The Missing Wands
Kelly U.: My Best Friend
Zha’Rya W.: The Admirer

Goforth Elementary School

Elizabeth A.: Three Ways to Use a Hairpin
Skyler A. & Amy T.: Miracle from Heaven
Olivia B.: On the Run
Lauren C. & Yana H.: Friends Come and Go
Mariah D.: The Kidnap Story
Ameena K.: The Journey
Reese L.: Baseball Dream
Doga O.: Marie’s Life
Chloe S.: Dear Naida
Izzy S.: Change
Jaci S.: Writing Myself a Spark of Hope
Reese S.: Bertram the Siberian Tiger
Suri X.: The Circus

Grisham Middle School

Mykenna D.: The Little Old Lady on the Bus
Neeti I.: Untitled
Elli N.: The Story of Mena and the Necklace
Shreya N.: Surprise Explosion
Kate R.: White
Sofia R.: Saying Goodbye to El Senor Espanol
Annadha S.: Hope
Cayleigh S.: The Break-up
Samriddhi S.: Untitled
Jansen W.: The Spark of Life

Hubenak Elementary School

Ellie B.: The Magic Mirror
Kehnley B.: The Golden Gateway
Mohamad D.: Wrong Way Corey
Caleb H.: The Magic Glove
Jack H.: The Power of X
Avery J.: Lost and Found
Kamauri J.: Shuaunna and Kamauri Day at the Circus
Seth J.: Tsunami
Brandon M.: Untitled
Kathy M.: Middle Kid Life
Raquel O.: The Christmas Dog
Ansh P.: Forever Friends
Natalya P.: Maksi Big Change
Bella R.: The Night Warper
Michael R.: The Story of Mike

Huebner Elementary School

Hector B.: The Staircase
Nate B.: The Powerball
Eric C.: The Nigerian Military Escape
Jaylee F.: The Best Pair of Boots Ever!
Lilly F.: Mikaila
Lorelai F.: Try
Brogan G. & Max G.: The Money Tree
Joshua G.: The Ghost Town
Abby I.: Time
Avianna L.: The Ballerina Who Loved Cupcakes
Josh M.: The Survivor
Olivia M.: Taylor Learns a Lesson
Quinn R. & Brock L.: Lost in Life
Thatcher S.: The Bully
Sophia Y.: Old Man McNickel

Huggins Elementary School

Addison B.: Love
Leah B.: Untitled
Maya D.: The Adventures of Natalie and Jake
Teddy H.: Bella
Kloe K.: Sox’s Life Adventure
Addison M.: Untitled
Ace O.: Down in Africa
Vanessa R.: Boom
Landon S.: Poor Dog
Will S.: Untitled

Hyde Elementary School

Lilia A.: Untitled
Kate C.: A Bad Bully
Samantha C.: Her Orphan Journey
Leo D.: The Last Chance
Snow G. & Grace H.: Untitled
Ashley H.: Lost and Found
Korsyn K.: Rodnee’s Meaning of Christmas
Aubree L.: Believe
Olivia N.: Untitled
Tayslee R.: Trey and Rosie
Alexis S.: Bugs
Fallon S.: The Dog Across the Street
Halen S.: Danger on a Lucky Day
Arianna W.: The Big Break
Lexi W.: A Wolf but a Human

Kaiser Elementary School

Alysson: The Girl Who Had Hope
Josselyn B.: My First Day of Pre-K
Joshua C.: Untitled
Sommer C.: Missing
Claire J.: Snow White
Sydney L.: The Diva Story
Daniel M.: Untitled
Kaylee O.: John Fixing His Lonliness
Bella P.: Untitled
Ibrahim S.: The Legacy
Aiden V.: Seth Nightmare of Doom
Ariana V.: The Wish!
Milexi V.: The Sacrifice
Savanna V.: Worst Best Day
Harley W.: Smart at Failure

Knowlton Elementary School

Carolina: The Artwork
Valentin B.: The Ghost of You
Andrea C.: The Love Story
Phoebe D.: 2117
Joshua E.: Untitled
Monserrath E.: I Love My Garden
Emberlyn G.: Untitled
Jose G.: Untitled
Camila L.: Javier y el Señor Misterioso
Marytere M.: Patrick’s Regret
Jay P.: Jake the Great Is the New Kid
Ava R.: Untitled
Dana V.: The Legend of Swirl Land
Kaitlyn W.: The Story of How Darth Vader Became My Father
Elena Z.: James and Brook

Leon Springs Elementary School

Lauren B.: Galaxy Girl
Mazzy F. & Alexa G.: The Duck Family
Brock G.: Nightmare at L.S.E.
Anna H.: A Dog’s Life
Maia H. & Andrew W.: Highlighter Man
Anissa K.: The Girl Who Met Something Big
Andrew L.: A Wish Never Wanted
Jack L. & Cristiano G.: Candy Gone Bad
Marley L. & Presley G.: The Cooking Contest
Zander L.: Adventures of Wingcorn and the Calloran Forest
Claire M.: Friends for Life
Josef M.: Loker’s Box
Hailey S. & Kathryn W.: Addie
Alexander T.: My Life as the Brother of Rebecca Taylor
Jaden W.: How I Became a Mermaid

Mary Marek Elementary School

Isabella C.: Susanna Stone and the Three Elements
Alyssa F.: My Own Secret World
Ava F.: The Puppy with a Purpose
Shelby G.: My Spring Break
Briana H.: I Am a Story
Bryant H.: A Christmas Tale
Kayne Simpson H.: An Evil Christmas
Avery L.: Bike Guy
Quinn M.: Unexpected Adoption
Aleeza N.: Spink and the Incredible Slime Friend
Harrison N.: The Return of the Dragon
Evia R.: A Breath
Audrey S.: Reversing the Curse
Samuel W.: The Adventures of Eric and Eric

McMeans Junior High School

Corey C.: Ms Pretty Girl
Madison C.: My Time to Shine
Olivia C.: Caged
Vasudha C.: Sleeping Beauty (The Original)
Logan K.: Untitled
Purav M.: The Battle of a Boy and the Dragon
Spencer M.: Believers
Lillian N.: One Last Wish
Ashton S. & Yousef M.: African Adventure

McNeill Elementary School

Nicholas N.: The Incredible Captain Dragon
Emma G.: Zoo Animals
Ida: Roco Riki
Rhiley A.: Some Kind of Interest
Alyssa B.: Cat Tails
Bethany E.: I’m the New Girl
Leah J.: True Love
Josh L.: Dragon Pet
Issa N.: The Doll That Moves
Isabella S.: Sabrina

Meyer Elementary School

Hailey: The Hard Life of the Kids
Abigail A.: The Worst Farm Ever
Emily A.: Untitled
Jae B.: The Last Words Library
Jalyn B.: Untitled
Mueez B.: The Puppy Problem
Natalie C.: Kidnapped
Juan Carlos C.: The Boy Who Dreamed
Natalia G.: A Secret
Alaina H.: The Poor Boy
Israel L.: Cool Boy of Space
Brandon M.: Friends
Alyssa P.: Under the Rug
Jada Lyn R.: A Caring Girl
Ray W.: Bad Dog

Mireles Elementary School

Noah V.: The Clown
Daniel: Anthony Gets in the Game
Gabriel C.: Clown Fun
Micah C.: The Portal to the Unknown World
Selin C.: The Funny Long Story
Samantha F.: Menacing Monsters of Mireles
Bellissa G.: A Haunted House and Me
Andrew H.: Sam’s Big Mistake
Mariella H.: Mariella’s Adventures
Cody J.: Galactic Comet
Audrey K.: Tim the Talented Boy
Samuel N.: Aliens
Alejandro P.: Gloom Spreads in the Most Horrifying Way
Gianna R.: A Dream Come True
Zoe R.: Love Is Magic

Missouri City Middle School

Kilah F.: Lost in Myself
Adriana O.: Kyle the Stubborn Turtle
Chioma O.: Fur Ever Friends

Monroe May Elementary School

Jose A.: James the Basketball Player
Chloe B.: The Dragon Story
Elise B.: Sofia’s Art Dream
Kiernan B.: Sharks
Mariah B.: Imagine Land
Sydney B.: The Somebody
Leah C.: Going Home
Adan F.: Untitled
Emma G.: The Jiggles Team Up with Yoshimi, Major Tom, Creep, and Polly
Luis L.: The Hope of the Future
Iris M.: 2B2 the Reading Alien
Jonah M.: The Hero
Taylor M.: Babysitter
Vivian R.: The Ghost of Monroe May Elementary
Zareya R.: The Spring Dance

North Pointe Elementary School

Joanna & Mizuki: The Wild Woods
Nimrah B.: The Friends and the Bully
Alexa C.: My Birthday Wish
Mason D.: Jack
Julie L.: Alyssa’s Broken Arm
Chloe M.: A Secret Love
Maitlyn M.: Jane’s New School
Megan N.: How to Get a Puppy
Oluchi N.: The Dance
Nidhi P.: Leon’s Snow Adventure
Lawrence Q.: The Boy Without a Name
Lamiya R.: The Lost Dog!
Amna S.: Only One Friend
Pippa T.: Kitty School
Victor V.: Jack’s Baseball Dream

Palmer Elementary School

Milly: A Miracle
Ahmad A.: The Kitty Adventures
Rhyan B. & Zoe P.: Adventures of YouTube Scientists
Gyssela C.: Chloe’s Best Gift
Brooke E.: Rudy
Rumaisa F.: New Girl in Town
Alex G.: The Story of the Two Apples
Sofia G.: The Pumpkin Patch
Traeh G.: The Guy Who Lost His Mom
Duran H.: The Magic Ninja
Shaun L.: The Haunted Mansion
Aaron M.: 3Fist
Chris M.: Superhero Meteorite
Ashlyn S.: Switching Bodies
Lorie T.: Best Friends are Forever

Pease Middle School

Angel A.: Not a Nightmare
Jake A.: A Story
Lilliana A.: The Vanity
Lina A.: Mindset
Jakayla E.: Jackie
Terri E.: Mr. Cowen’s Library
Sofia G.: The King’s Bloodbath and the Knight’s Beginning
Alexis J: What Happened to Chase Garza?
Arianna L. & Riley M.: The 1 for Me
Austin L.: Demons of the Living
Joshua L.: The Road to Freedom
Isaiah P.: Geff
Anthonia S.: The Silence
Marissa T.: Little Timmy
Lilayla V.: Orange

Pink Elementary School

Angus B.: The Football Struggle
Larryasia C.: Layla Gladness
Kimberly E.: A Famous Girl
Maria E.: Alissa and her Turtle
Arial F.: Elle
Andrea G.: Sierra
Chastidy J.: Bella
Alondra M.: The Meaning
Andrea L.: The Treasure Hunt
Mason M.: Night of Terror
Izmahel N.: Strong Mike
Angelina R.: The Lost Princess
Augustin R.: The Gift
Makayla R.: Lela
Natalie T.: Ocean

Raba Elementary School

Alanna: Making My Mama Proud
Omran: The Hall of Fame Countdown
Salara: The App
Shayla: The Monster Under the Bed
Emily A.: Abagail’s Early Adventure
Lily C.: My Friendenemy
Zylene E.: The Girl Who Had a Goal
Henry G.: My Pet Dog
Tuan H.: Broken Dreams
Kaedon M.: Always Behind You
Moriah M.: Steven’s Great Year
Moriah P.: The Magical Dolphin
Keira R.: The Lost Wolf
Adisyn S.: Hide and Seek
Isabella T.: A Gift

Ridgeview Middle School

Bethany S.: Falling Night
Alisa S.: The Music That Saved Me
Katherine B.: Fall from Grace
Faith D.: True Kindness
Hannah K.: The Beginning of the End
Hannah L.: The Same
Ahab M.: The Adventure of the Bad Luck Dog Bark
Alora N.: Broken
Luke P.: Clark’s Story
Abigail R.: The Change in Heart
Anna Kate R.: Untitled
Alexander S.: David
Haley V.: Together Forever
Naomi V.: Dog Heaven
Riley V.: A Perfect Life

Rita Drabek Elementary School

Maya: The Cat Gang—We’ve Been Framed!
Uswah: The Inventor’s Dream
Samera A.: A Girl and a Moon
Ava C.: Crystal of Everneth
Aisha M.: Dreams
Devin M.: Just Say No… To Bullying
Baochau N.: Beneath the Surface
Natalie N.: Friendship Will Never End
Alan P.: Who Are You?
Mehr S.: A Day on Mars
Isabella T.: Bunny Bake-Off
Quang T.: Super Animal
Pinar Y.: Lucy and Her Cat

Silverlake Elementary School

Jade A.: The Lucky Dragon
Jenna E.: A Diary
Andre F.: Grace Has Grit
Andrew H.: Silverlake
Ethan H.: Pineapple’s 1st Hunger Game
Myla J.: Ashley and Jessica
Kayla L.: Summer on the Prairie
Boss S.: Untitled
Autumn T.: Untitled
Brielle T.: Friendship’s Power
Scarlett T.: The One-Winged Dragon
Zoe T.: Love Is Everywhere
Nyssa W.: Needle in My Foot
Rush W.: The Bird Thief
Zoe Y.: The Jump

South Shaver Elementary School

Arianna C.: The Little Cookie and the Big Bad Bagle
Yvette F.: Untitled
Heather J.: Untitled
Daniel O.: The Knightly Rescue
Edwin O.: Untitled
Christy S.: The Cure
Genesis S.: Don’t Stop Believing

Steubing Elementary School

Landry: Lost in Forest Great
Nathan A.: The Dare
Kaitlyn C & Jayla B.: The Lonely Girl
Elisa E.: The Turkey
Fonotala F.: Scary Night
Angelina G.: Dreams of a Disabled Kid
Emma M.: Dog and Cat Adventures
Kayla M.: Thanksgiving Is Not for Me
Jayme P. & Victoria M.: The Dream
Katie P.: Roller Coaster
Krishna P.: The Famous Miner
Kaitlyn R.: The Different Halloween Story
Maddy R.: A Love Story
Mariela S.: The Doll House
Tingkai W.: The Zombie Joke
Tala F.: A Story

Sugar Land Middle School

Aleena A.: Animal Adventures
Alice A.: A True Fighter
Leah A.: The Kingdom of Amadeus
Sabrina C.: Back to Joy
Sofia C.: Charlotte and Flora
Joshua G.: Life=Awesome
Andy H.: Steve and the Lost Soul
Lily H.: Life Changes
Daniel J.: What Would Zion Do?
Alaysia M.: Different, Part II
Alexa M.: Purrfect
Tammie M.: The Dual of the Huntress and Archer
Madison N.: Dear God
Mysha Q.: Lost in Candy Land
Flora T.: Cloudless

Valley Hi Elementary School

Isabella A.: The Dance
Mia A.: Lost and Found
Aiden B.: The Horror Story
Madison G.: The Boy Who Nobody Believed In
Natilye G.: Bionic Dog
Rosemary G.: The Big Move
Danieliz D.: Passed Out Grandma
Jarectzy D.: A Trip to Paris
Luke H.: The Murder on Ravenstreet
Reina H.: A Mystery
Mark L.: The Old Barn
Arelis R.: Lost…and Babies
Destiny R.: Champion
Aliyah S.: My Second Roller Coaster

Walsh Middle School

Lily M.: Untitled
Addison B.: Make-Up
Evelyn C.: Sunrise
Saanvi G.: Dream Big
Liyaana J.: No Ordinary Friendship
Devika M.: Doubts
Erin M.: The Woman in the Black Cloak
Esteban M.: Untitled
Payal M.: Special
Teja M.: The Hotel
Elijah R. and Abby R.: Following My Sister’s Foot Steps
Sunshine S.: The Worst Spring Break Ever
Supriya V.: The Picture
Jenna W.: The Wind That Called Her Name
Mia W.: Coming to America
Vanya N.: Untitled

Walter Hall Elementary School

Colin A.: Travel to Horror Land
Jaden B.: James and the New Kid
Sienna C.: The Trick
Eugene F.: Will Santa Come
Mataya G.: Untitled
Daisy L.: The Family’s Tears
Elissa L.: Dr. Evergreen
Margot L.: Avery’s Surprise
Valerie L. & Nae H.: The Drawing
Itzel M.: A Child with Love
Lexi M.: Stolen
Yzabel M.: The Cave
Emma O.: George and Max’s Christmas
Ella P.: The Time Machine
Emma R.: Princess Spies
Pooja R. & Bree E.: Wildfire
Sam R.: Doodle Man: Pickle Pants Takes Over
Addison S.: The Angel from Heaven
Ashby S.: The Small Elf
Brooklyn S., Alanah N. & Lilla A.: Another School
Casey S.: Why Would She Do That?
Kendall T.: Gracie Stuck the Landing
Nolan T.: The Quest
Ashley W.: My Surprise Mermaid Family

Weber Elementary School

Tessa’h.: The Summer Trip: Twin Volcanoes
Jodie C.: Don’t Be Scared
Faith M.: Twisted Love
Mia Bella H.: Daisey the Duckling’s Stage Fright
Naomi and Reece J.: The Twintastic Tales of The Johnson Twins: Houdini The Disappearing Dog
Aden M.: Twisted Nightmare
Maylynn Brooke M.: Spirit Walkers
Brooklyn N.: Hey I’m the New Tooth Fairy in Town
Cecilia P.: The Girls with Magical Powers
Layla P.: Adventures of Mr. Wiggins
Adrian R.: Area 51
Hailey R.: Friends
Aaron S.: The Case of the Magical Cleats
Colton S.: Untitled
Jason V.: Pug Beyond Pluto


Baines Middle School

Justin B. & Marvin J.: Is There a Way Out?
Sara K.: The Blanket of Light
Kevin M.: Mighty Protector
Leila M.: The Story of My Life
Teresa M.: A Simple Gift
Zayne N.: The Music Inside Me
Zainab P.: Rosemary in the Thyme Kingdom
Lila S. & Avis G.: Why
Annliya T.: Untitled
Dane W.: Untitled

Bowie Middle School

Adithya A.: Alien Plaque
Anonymous: Just a Dream
Anonymous: Untitled
Anonymous: Untitled
Lily H.: Missing
Keira R.: End of the Earth
Mikhaila R.: Chilling
Jamie S.: The Goliath: The Monstrous Roller Coaster
Zain S.: A Place We Can Call Home
Evonne T.: Truly, a Man’s Best Friend

Converse Elementary School

Hana: Fairy Wings
Mattie: Baby Cub
Sarrai: The Alley Dog Named Padro
Sophia: The Ghostly Story
Taeja: The Invisible Sisters
Wayne: Luigi the Super Hero of Silly Town
Zariah: Nina
Emerson C.: The Boy Who Got Sucked Up by a Wormhole
Jalen C.: A Story About Michel
Ryleigh G.: The Possessed Boy
Damion H.: My Goal
Andrew J.: The Mustang Pursuit
Harmony K.: Orbit
Brayden L.: Pete the Dragon

Dulles Middle School

Catarina: untitled
Darias: The Essay I Wish I Never Decided to Write
Myriam: Troubled Heart
Paras: Roy and the Giant Sea Monster
Victoria: untitled
Brenda B.: In Three Years

Jaaziel E.: David’s Summer
Stormy F.: Invisible
Darko H.: Out of View
Marian O.: They Are Real I Tell You
Sonaly P.: Upside Down
Logan S.: Planet Analia
Tessa S.: untitled
Toni T.: untitled
Lindsey W.: Fireflies

Ferguson Elementary School

Anonymous: Rifle’s Way

First Colony Middle School

Isabel A.: Awesome Story
Aly B.: The Escape
Maeva B.: The Devil’s Game
Nicole C.: Together
Nicole F.: The Promise
Valentina G.: A Better Place
Rubeena H.: Qoyska
Lyndie K.: Vienna Weber’s Plan
Kamal M.: Stanley
Nneoma O.: A Lone Sailboat at Sea
Daniel P.: From the Darkness
Stephanie P.: Home?
Holly T.: A Good for a Good
Emma U.: Lace
Tessa W.: Moving

French Elementary School

Aria A.: Vampire College
Caroline C.: Katie’s Writing Inspiration
Cheyenne C.: The Grand Slam
Gabbi C.: The Twisted Path to the Student Council
Felix H.: Mystery on Halloween Night
Maria H.: Sharing a Smile
Will H.: Time Catastrophe!
Ishal K.: Outside
Landyn R.: The Little Orange
Lexi S.: Dreams

Meyerland Middle School for the Performing and Visual Arts—Houston ISD

Britney A.: The Book
Isabel A.: Hamed’s Story
Shelby E.: The Baby and the Bird
Deonna F.: Untitled
Jade H.: Everyone’s Scared of Something
Aaron L.: The Tales of a Misunderstood Genius
Angela M.: Where the Stories Are
Andrea O.: All Summer in a Day
Chanice P.: The Trunk
Ethan P.: Coincidence
Madison P.: Live Like There’s No Tomorrow
Aaron S.: Freedom
Brandon S.: Companions
Eliza S.: Adjusting
Richard V.: The Cold Family
Sir Tristan Y.: The Bear

McKamy Middle School

Caroline A.: Untitled
Melissa A.: A Job Well Done
Shiloh B.: Extermination
Nathan C.: Untitled
Hailey H.: Rainbow Girl
Tazrian H.: All Alone
Sarvesh K. & Hasith V.: Dyslexic
Kiera M.: Follow Me
Riley P.: The Messages
Anika S.: Tendrils of Blue Electricity
Mikayla S.: Why Do Tears Go Away
Hannah V.: The Kidnapper
Grace Z.: Hidden Power

McMeans Junior High School

Adam E.: The Teacher
Chloé O.: Full Moon Nights
Daniel L.: The Pokémon Under My Bed
Jenna L.: Kian and the Sychonia
Kate R.: Him
Liliane H.: The Tragic Tale of Two Terrified Cows
Mariam E.: Blue Birds
Megan S.: Trouble in Paradise
Nathaniel L.: Untitled
Rebecca J.: Untitled
Skai S.: Sakura
Wei Wei Z & Allison Y.: The Pen He Stole

Navarro Intermediate School

Kambrie B.: A Day at School
Alexis C.: The Last Chance
Elias C.: Creep
Violet C.: Kiki
Lucas G.: Bird Brain
Corbin H.: My Hunting Weekend
Craig H.: Worst Best Day
Ava M.: The Road Trip
Jarrett M.: Jackson Malcik
Joel M.: The Day
Miles M.: The Mission
Emily S.: The Love Potion
Sloan W.: The Believer

Nolan Ryan Junior High School

Christina: Update Blog: Worst Day of My Life
Jasmine: Death Sentence
Jazlyn: Tim and Julie’s Adventure
Samah: The Blessing of a Second Chance
Ava A.: Darkness
Lauren B.: To the End
Marin J.: A Shadow’s Guide to Fighting Evil
Judy L.: Forgotten Days
Ariana N.: Good People
Oliva N.: Explicit Thoughts
Alyanna O. & Julia L.: Untitled
Giselle O: The Shadow of October
Tierrah S.: Purpose
Jenna Z.: The Crook

Palmer Elementary School

Anonymous: Best Friends are Forever
Anonymous: The Story of the Two Apples
Milly: A Miracle
Ahmad A.: The Kitty Adventures
Rhyan B. & Zoe P.: Adventures of YouTube Scientists
Gyssela C.: Chloe’s Best Gift
Brooke E.: Rudy
Rumaisa F.: New Girl in Town
Sofia G.: The Pumpkin Patch
Duran H.: The Magic Ninja
Shaun L.: The Haunted Mansion
Aaron M.: 3Fist
Chris M.: Superhero Meteorite

Sugar Land Middle School

Diorra B.: Unique
Alisa E.: Ghost Ship
Isabella M.: Lemonade
Naila M.: Untitled
Davis R.: Unlikely
Keller R.: Freak
Aurora S.: Summer Camp
Brayden S.: Summer Days
Huy T.: Breaking News: Cats are outnumbering humans, ruling the world, and causing mischief!
Zita U.: The Story of Kindness

T.H. Rogers School

Kavin G.: Radioactive
Sarah H.: Foxie Meets New Friends
Annie L.: The Mirror World
Katalina L.: Stay Strong
Caroline M.: The Greatest Climb of My Life
Naina P.: Misguided Friendship
Preethika P.: Samantha’s Life: the Talent Show
Jilllian S.: Move Forward—Don’t Run Into Walls
Shrikar T.: Grief
Meghna Y.: Eternity


Baines Middle School

Anonymous: It’s Baby Business
Davis J. and Jared G.: The Dream
Gabrielle D.: The Jewel of Ilon
Caroline M.: What Is Lost Must Be Found
Sarah S.: Memory of Betrayal
Abigail K..: Untitled
Cynthia L.: The Unsolvable Mystery
Talya H.: Trees at Night

Bruce Shulkey Elementary

Claire B & Hser P.: Amelia Earhart Spreads Her Wings
Hope M.: The Adventures of Anne Frank
Serenity M.: Dreams
Nang N.: Jayden the Amazing Artist
Olivia R.: The Girl With Big Dreams
Normana S.: Lucy Being a Princess in a Horrible Dream
Hanna W.: Untitled
Tess W.: Escaping My Step-Monster
Hodan Y.: Inside Refugee Camp

Como Montessori School

Toni E.: That Guy
Victoria G.: Puppy Alert
Zoe H.: Useless
Amyrii J.: Alli For President
Daniel M.: Super Powers
Hael P.: House of Horrors
Lauren P.: The Forgotten
Eric R.: Sam and the Bully
Ashton S.: My Six Flags Adventure

Elrod Elementary School

Gisselle C.: Birthday Parties
Rachel D.: Diary of a Troubled Teen
Karina E.: The Bully
Sung K.: The Missing Prince
Sonia S.: Silver Moon
Alayzha Y.: The Battle

Garcia Middle School

Ruth A.: A Long Way Till Home
Lucy L.: Curse
MaeLynn L.: Dream Comes True
Arfa M./Madison N.: Death Awaits
Kaziah M.: The Mystery Solvers
Sarosh N.: Teen Vengeance
Dena Y.: Talking Angela or Crystal

Hedrick Middle School

Hector B: Break a Leg
Braily C: Untitled
Kashyla C.: Trapped Nightmares
Jadyn G.: Jamie and the Chalk
Samantha G.: My Story
Colin M.: Calvin Marek
E. M.: Sadness Overwhelms, Happiness Overcomes
Bawi S.: Forgive and Forget
Laura S.: The Invisible Girl
Jennifer V.: The Mystery Killer
Nathan Z.: The Journey

Holy Trinity Episcopal School

Anonymous: An Amazing Adventure Going to School
Anonymous: The Outstanding Comeback
Gabriel: The Girl With a Dream
Zion A.: Igbo Amulet of Life
Julia B.: The Good Scary House
Joshua C.: Adventure at Berlin
Sofia G.: Untitled
Harper T.: Toy Story 4: The American Girl Doll Run
Laila T.: The Tale of Two Vampires

Hubbard Heights Elementary School

Brianna C.: A Girl with a Dream
Ashley O.: My Adventure to the Grand Cayman Islands
Laila R.: The Secret Lair

JT Stevens Elementary School

Cinthia C: The Friends
Emily J.: The Prom Date
Jadea J.: Untitled
Jayden L.: One Evil Ninja
Andrea M.: Paranormal Charm
Celestina M.: Dean—The Military Dog
Madyson M.: Untitled
Caleb R.: Untitled
Tatiana T.: Untitled

James Bowie Middle School

Nora A.: Friday
Emily B.: The Annie Project
Bryson D.: A True Friend
Janelle N.: Unexpected
Shayla N.: The Home of the Brave
Odunayo O.: A Homeless Girl
Ajai P.: The Story of Sharmindhasur
Mia R.: Runaway
Hamza S.: A Hero’s Path

Luella Merrett Elementary School

Jordyn H.: The Adventures of Fawn and Blard 1.3
Giselle M. and Leslie M.: The Woman and the White Dress

Rosemont Elementary School

Raquel D.: The Generous Girl
Maria H.: My Destiny
Gonzalo J.: The Tennis Ball
Hayeon L.: Scarlet Becomes Friends with Andrew
Guadalupe M., Jonathan C. & Daniel S.: The Biking
Manbiaksang N.: An Unforgetful Night
Leonardo R.: The Secret Crush
Vanessa V.: Kate’s Rescue
Francisco X.: How to Make Delicious Cookies

Sagamore Hill Elementary School

Cianah L.: Werewolf World, A Love Story

Sugar Land Middle School

Anna A.: The Little Hero
Sarah C. and Safura J.: Untitled
April H.: Life in Middle School
Kemi I.: Sisterhood
Elizabeth J.: There will be one more like me
Kayla L.: Untitled
Hannah S.: The Smoky Killer
Kelsey W.: In the Mist of Magic
Paulina W.: Maska the Powerful

T.A. Sims

Ruby C.: Untitled
Maria H.: Slenderman
Aliana L.: Going to Space
Tanya M.: Liana Chrysalis and the Two Musketeering Girls
Britney Ann R.: Taya Jefferson Gets a Puppy

Van Zandt Guinn Elementary School

Semaj A.: Mail Problems
Za’Riya B.: Jan and Jack
Emogene C.: An Alien Invasion
Erika G.: The Jaguars Disguise
Lamont K.: A Terrible Disaster
Mia P.: Art Contest
Danaya S.: Nicki and Cash
David T.: Untitled
Kevin V.: It’s Good to be Back
Tiyanna W.: The Special Day

Westwood Elementary School

Gia A.: His Return
Noah B.: The Mystery of E.N.D.
Jocelynn C.: The Unknown Sisters
Griselda E.: The Mustache Day
Katherine F.: Valentine Puppy
Adrian M.: Scary Night
Katelynne O.: The Good Princess
Arieal P.: Sports
Ally S.: Significant Mistake
Deyanira S.: The Girl That Cried Vampire


Amazing Writers from Columbus, Ohio

Olivia C.: Grace and the Spelling Bee
Alina L.: Friendship is Magic!

Hedrick Middle School

Adime A.: Celestial Legends
Samantha A.: Regrets in Life
Elizabeth D.: A Perfect World
Asusesna E.: The Abandoned Village
Aaliyah G.: The Special One
Bryant H.: The Man With Cancer
Emily H.: Black Balloons
Noa K.: Who Is Shawn Lassiter
Rosy L.: The Move
Sydney M.: You Can’t See Me, But I’m Here
Alyssa R.: The Outcast
Esmeralda R.: Walkers in an Apocalypse
Brandon S.: The One Way Ticket
Heddy Y.: Horror House

Fox Meadow Intermediate Center

Alicia B.: A Joplin, Missouri Surviving Story
Koya C.: How I Became Best Friends with a Giant
Faith C.: The Graveyard Passing
Amaria D.: An Uneasy Move
Maehogony D.: Difficult Times
Will J.: I’m a Spy
Yasmin M.: Audrey’s Life
Ashton P.: Dream World
Will W.: The Magical Basketball Players

University Heights Intermediate School

Emma: The Stanley Kids
Juliet: Shattered
Eva Grace B.: What to Do with an Older Teenage Sister: A Guide for Kids
Jayden H.: The Girl Who Had a Secret
Ross M.: The Big Game
Cameron S.: The Alamo Artifact
Abby T.: Strangeness Occurring

Marion Intermediate School

Avery B.: The Christmas Card Picture
Emily B.: That Night
Lillian H.: The Turkey Who Saved Thanksgiving
Makenzie J.: Patrice’s Big Day
Madison K.: Wishing
Alyssa L.: A Big Success
Darrion L.: Dismissal Time
Kiara L.: My Summer Vacation
Morgan M.: The Horrible Day
Connor T.: Mac Dodger

Sugar Land Middle School

Ty C.: The Four Elemental Orphans
Brian D.: Neutral
Kameron D-M.: Androids
Cristian G.: Game Day
Anish I.: Untitled
Ukeme I.: Life Wars
Aleena M.: The Day My Life Changed
Dominic N.: Caitlyn the Sheriff of Piltover
Ethan N.: Alone
Jessica N.: The Lost Boy
Samantha T.: The Missing Mushroom

James Bowie Middle School

Anna C.: The Hidden Map
Natalie F.: Beautiful
Brandon H.: Finding You
Jennifer O.: A New Me
Audrey S.: Fear

Baines Middle School

Maddy: Empty Space
Zoë B.: Living With a Missing Piece
Carlos D. & Kolade S.: The Fire Within
Hannah H.: Like the Wind
Anglique R.: 2 Girls in Football
Olivia R.: Lost in Fantasy Ocean
Megan S.: Untitled
Shaddrick S.: A Thanksgiving Story

Bob Courtway Middle School

Earl A.: How to Survive Being Last Born
Chiara B.: Robert Chambliss’s Thoughts When He Was Convicted for Murder
Lorelai B.: Choir of the Unseen
Madison B.: My Story—Aubrey
Madison B. and Anabelle L.: Snow White: The Truth to the Tale
Ashlin C. and Brianna E.: The Deathly Games
Elizabeth G.: The Life She Thought She Had
Kristen H.: Poppy’s Problem
Mc Kenzie K.: Dreams Do Come True
Keeveun L.: Zack the Weasel
Kolton O. and Jaylen J.: The Road to Something New
Lucia R.: Don’t Panic
Rayleigh R.: Write Your Life
Tara R.: Because of Peridot
Andre W.: It’s Out There Alright!
Jennasis W.: Twin of the Party
Joe W.: The Evil School Robots!

Garcia Middle School

Arisa B.: The Not so Tolerated Boyfriend
David G.: Short Story
Karin I.: The Girl in 687
Amal K.: Rebels Luck
Jensen M.: The Case of the Missing Kittens!
Zayaan M.: New World-Lava
Ellen O.: It Was Cold and Dark Outside
Jason O.: My First Basketball Shot
Mehwish S..: The Woodsy Night
Youmna S.: Always Try


Sugar Land Middle School

Abby B.: Sky
Brock B.: The Kidnapper
Katherine B.: Akemi, Bright and Beautiful
Aiva C.: The Secret Artist
Gabrielle H.: Maria
Shayla H.: My Real Life Dream
Joan J.: Mysteries Rescuer
Lauren J.: Dear Luke
Kurt K.: The Parrot Legacy
Aayushi S.: The Tiara of Star

Baines Middle School

Maddy B.: I Made This Note to Warn You
Paige M.: Untitled
Tori M. & Lauryn W.: Wolf Hearts
Chioma S.: Poetic Justice

James Bowie Middle School

Joshua: The Winter Escape and the Spread of the Black Soul
Cristian A.: Story for Writing Contest
Alyssa O.: A Smile
Caroline P.: Blending in

Garcia Middle School

Subhan S.: All About the Clock
Zhen Y.: Fizz Khalifa
Mohammed A.: Skating Competition
Arieal K.: Determined to Reach My Dreams
Arshi K.: Is This Love?

Rick Schneider Middle School

Liberty A.: The Snow Day
Nayeli L.: A True Love Story
Alexander V.: The First Mission


Sugar Land Middle School

Karly A.: Katie’s Quest for a Dog
Isaac C.: The Ants
Amber G.: My Gymnastics Comeback and Setback
Jackson J.: The Empty Park
Isabella M.: The Accidental Ultra-Supreme-Princess-of-the-World
Ethan S.: Hypervolt

Baines Middle School

Robin B.: Running Courage
Kimberly F.: Through the Woods
Adora O.: Bonfire
Chioma S.: Humanimals
Megan S.: Ghost Diaries

Presbyterian School

Cade B.: It…
Edward C: Remembrance
Dorothy D: The Shoop and His Boy
Lauren E.: Letters to Heaven
Eva S.: Pure Joy
Pierce Z: The Brig


Missouri City Middle School
Ridgemont Elementary School

Bridget R.: Three Eyes Stared at Me in the Dark
Alexander J.: The Devasting Prom Romance
Kailyn S.: Happily Ever After

Cornerstone Elementary School
Billy Baines Middle School

Lauren B.: Macy & Max
Kimberly B.: Danderon
Blessina B.: The Disastrous Wedding
Jaymi H.: Young Love

James Bowie Middle School

Julissa N.: Evolution
Ashlyn H.: My Unlucky Day
Zehra S.: Demon

Lake Olympia Middle School

TaMarr D.: From Caviar to Cornbread and Collard Greens
Aaron H.: Baseball Fever
Brittany M.: Never Again!
Jalen M.: Dante’s Story
Quenton M.: A Strange Dream
Gabrielle W.: This is not a Fairytale

First Colony Middle School

Angela C.: City of Ancestors
Daniel G. & Daniel V.: The Overture
Aria H.: Molly’s Revenge
Hannah S.: One More Step
Emily T.: Silence is Golden
Yazmine W.: The Super Suave Secret

Sugar Land Middle School

Leslie A.: Untitled
Dru C.: Untitled
Oscar H.: Untitled
Shayla D.: I’m Sorry I Left You
Courtney H.: Triangle of Tricks

Hodges Bend Middle School
Collins Intermediate School

Jordan G.: Daniel
Eve K. & Brooke J.: How to Love a Dog
Liam M.: The Angel of Their Lives
Marcos R.: The Grades
Chelsea S.: Runner

Fairview Jr. High School

Genie G.: Hard Times
Gail L.: Heaven’s Love
Anna M.: A Cut on the Palm
Tony O.: A Split Family
Nikki W.: Friendship